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Checking In

Hello to those I have had the pleasure of working with! 


I just wanted to update you. Unfortunately, I will not be returning to Nordstrom due to the climate of the times. You all mean the world to me, so I wanted to cue you in on what's next! My best friend, Alex Ott and I (we met working at the Trish Counter at Fashion Valley 15 years ago!) have started a beauty concierge service + educational program here in San Diego. Think of us as your personal stylists for cosmetics. We would love for you to check out the services! They include Zoom Ready applications, makeup lessons, master classes, and consultations on current and upcoming trends. 


We know you love Nordstrom and the Trish counter there, so we have a strict policy of keeping you where you already shop. We don't sell any product, so whatever you need can be sent to your favorite Nordies employee and they will take over from there. We are looking to help everyone during this time. You don't have to go to the store if you don't want to, we come to you and you still get to shop through your favorite retailer and beloved salespeople. Everyone wins. 


The thing that has always kept me in cosmetics is my love for the connections I have made with so many of you. I have been with some of you since I was 19! We want to keep the feeling alive with empowering women through the work we have started. Check out more about our services and let us know if we can connect with you soon! 


Alexandra Tessman, and introducing Alexandria Ott


(also feel free to follow along on our Instagram here)

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