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"I've known Alex + Alex for over 15 years and they both possess two qualities I admire. The first being a strong and adaptive work ethic. They're both masters of their craft and a true artist. Secondly, they truly understand women. Bring two strong and independent "Ladies of Beauty," they're able to flex their styles for women on the go, the single mom or the woman running an empire. These two trailblazers are creating new, innovative and bespoke ways for women to satisfy their beauty needs."

James Webb, Cosmetics Education Executive

"This is such an incredible collaboration of two incredible makeup artists. These two have an eye are all things STYLE. They are truly gifted when it comes to doing makeup application and are so respected within the cosmetics world. They both have extensive knowledge and training in skincare + cosmetics. They have mastered the "Makeup Lesson" for their clients, which gives them a key to the beauty world that most artists don't have."

Sheila Nellis, International Makeup Artist

"Since our first meeting over a decade ago, Alex has done my makeup on many occasions from black-tie events, Galas, charity events, conferences as well as for professional photoshoots. She is a gifted makeup artist who has the ability to create a fresh + current look for any occasion. Alex will give you exactly what you need when you need it!"

Dawn Galbo, CEO of Surrogacy Intl

"I had scheduled newborn photos at two weeks postpartum and asked Alex to do my makeup for the photos. She was very punctual and wore a  mask the entire time. She applied my makeup with the makeup that I own, and did an amazing job! She also showed me different ways to use my brushes and makeup. She made me feel pretty during a time when I didn't feel like myself. The photos turned out great! I highly recommend hiring this team to make you feel special for any occasion."


Nicole Barvie, Esq., Client 

"I was traveling all the time for work and needed something more efficient when it came to my beauty systems. I hired Alex to come over and organize what I had and we made the perfect on-the-go beauty bag for me to travel with. She also suggested a number of products that enhanced what I already had. I needed a more moisturizing concealer and an all-day mascara that wouldn't run. I now feel less frazzled when I sit down to do my makeup and I just hired her to do a look for a zoom meeting. I felt confident and prepared."

Carol Howell, Client 

"I was one who really didn't like doing make up until I met Alexandra! She was able to keep my natural look, as well as teach me how to apply that was easy and no fuss. It's always just enough to make your skin beautiful  and flawless! Alex never tried to up-sell, and always kept my look natural. Since I moved away, I always try to make time when I'm back, to make an appointment with her to keep my look fresh and up to date. "

Lillian Cereghino, Client

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