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Brands We Love

We have been able to work with the top trending brands through the decades. We like something different about each brand and will use our product knowledge to ensure you have the right items for your skin, features and style. We are not affiliated with any particular brand, therefore, you will truly get a well-curated experience. Unlike the cosmetic counters that earn off sales for one brand, we are UNBIASED to any brand and will only recommend the items we believe are best for you. Our goal is to use what you have and recommend what you need.

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White Cream

Our Commitment to Clean

We place your health + safety above everything. We use medical-grade gloves and masks for every visit and have some on-hand for you as well.We also use Hypochlorous Acid (HoCl) to sanitize your space and our products the natural way:


Avoiding harsh, harmful chemicals and odors, this sanitizing solution uses only natural substances, keeping you safer


Like a salt water pool, this clean, sustainable solution is biodegradable,leaving no chemical residues or environmental footprint


Their solutions are powered by Hypochlorous Acid, an EPA-approved disinfectant process found to be 50x more effective than chlorine bleach in fighting harmful bacteria and viruses such as Covid

Your Experts

Alexandra Tessman


Alexandria Ott

We started as two young women who were top sales people for Trish McEvoy and grew into nationally-acclaimed makeup artists who understand the needs of ALL women. We aren't Instagram famous. We are moms who care about making other women feel beautiful. With our combined experience of over 20 years, we know shape, color and texture better than anyone else in the business.

Today, we see a void in the beauty industry due to social distancing. We also know that now is the time to organize your products, clean out items that no longer serve you and learn how to look your best, with ease. We are your beauty organizers, educators + curators. And we have a system that ensures everyone's safety and health.

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